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Software and Devices


Virtual Oracle. Version 1.1. January 2001.

The significant part of any Oracle is a detector able to catch and express the information of possible lines of virtual future. Usually such detector necessarily contains some kind of chaotic process. That is the process with branching bifurcations — jump-alike passages to one among several possible states. An important special feature of such bifurcations is fading little physical energy necessary for the passage to one of such states This defines the possibility to read information through negligible energy delivered from the present of virtual future events.

Traditionally they use some physical and chemical processes as chaotic. Tossing the coins, pulling occasional combination of sticks from the bunch (I-Ching), the choice of cards (Tarot for example), figures and symbols which appear when the melted wax gets cold, cracking of bones in the fire (ram's shoulder or tortoise shell) are the examples. People have invented plenty of such things but nearly all of them use chaotic processes with branching bifurcations. In the basement of this program lies rather informational than physical or chemical chaotic process. In this case a set of multidimensional chaotic difference equations behaves as a detector. Each element of this set generates the cascade of bifurcations with complex choice in each point.

The special feature of all living beings is their wholeness. It is impossible to divide such a system into a number of separate elements. They seem to be 'dissolved' in the whole system and are not located in any concrete place as it is impossible to point any concrete element of the image in a hologram. Moreover, it is impossible to analyze its evolution without mutual influence on the studied processes. It has revealed the evidence that the devices for the informational field visualization are to be based on the holistic principles. As to mathematical confirmation and encouragement it seems reasonable to use the subjects of nonclassical science such as quantum mechanics and synergetics.

The other essential element of fortune-telling is the human psyche. Just the mental concentration on the definite question or situation makes the answer sensible. It filters the infinite number of probable answers or evolution scripts by tuning up the chaotic process in the state of resonance only with those that are meaningful for the expected result. Hence the main factor determining the mantic process quality and reliability is the interaction between the human, the information detector and the amplifier.

The result of the mantic process is the collection of images and symbols whose correct decoding and interpretation regarding certain situation is a very hard task. The principle demands here are the great awareness and experience. However the using of traditional mantic techniques considerably simplifies the realization of received information. The Virtual Oracle can be considered as a part of the Runic Art field relating to the fortune-telling and is calling Runemal (the Speech of Runes). Each Rune represents a certain archetype and therefore gives the notion of the mythologems active in the situation. What is essentially for every traditional mantic practice, Runemal does not completely determine the situation and does not give the unconditional conclusions about present and future evolution. It just drops the hints about possible trends and manifestations of the inner and outer psychic powers.

In the Virtual Oracle we used rather purified and integrated interpretations of the mantic meaning of the Runes developed specially for this purpose. The using of such a kind of descriptions somewhat profanes the Runemal significance but also gives a chance to become more profound with first steps with the Runes.

The Virtual Oracle allows to gain more detailed information by means of implantation of the Runes inside the 3-dimenstional virtual space. The dynamic scene consists of the Rune, background image, some 3-dimensional geometric figures with appearance as a function of chaotic process as well (size, color, texture and so on), its trajectories and rotation, the law of dynamic changes of visual parameters in time. All this completes the archetype represented by the Rune and helps to get clearer awareness and comprehension of the answer.


System Requirements.

Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000.
Microsoft DirectX 6.0 (or later version).
A color monitor with 256 or more colors card.


Visual demonstration.


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