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Ecology of the Information Environment Ч New Paths to Future Civilization

Evgueny Faydysh

Modern scientific study of self-regulation processes in complex non-linear systems have radically changed our understanding of this world's physical reality. It was proved that subtle informational signals and interactions are of a great significance for development and normal functioning of individual living organisms and entire planetary biosphere as well. It is their influence that finally determines adaptive potential of the Earth biosphere, not the shift of enormous energies and masses. Also, the existence of such informational interactions allows us to use computer analogies when describing self-regulation processes that take place in biosphere. To put it in a different way, we may talk about an hierarchically organised system of regulatory mechanisms that exist in individual ecosystems and work for the entire planet (1). It is obvious that such mechanisms do not cluster at the certain locations, the way computer systems are organised, but are dispersed throughout the entire biosphere, being unseparable from it. Popular myths about spirits of nature and stories of shamanic worlds are somewhat adding to that picture (2).

Thus, modern science emphasises the importance of this complex hierarchy of informational interactions for preservation and normal functioning of our planet. In this respect the biosphere of our planet resembles a gigantic super-computer, normal functioning of which provides for balanced self-restoration processes of ecological systems at different locations of our planet. And vice versa, faults in its functioning and growth of chaos certainly result in destructive processes in biosphere and immediate increase of entropy (3).

In European culture this interdependence was first mentioned by V.Vernadsky (who spoke of "noosphere", i.e. informational sphere of our planet), Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Carl Jung, Arthur Kestler.

The idea of chaos-and-order arises in this context as it is known to do at the physiochemical level (4). More importantly, the destruction of the Information Environment (or noosphere) will probably bring far more terrible consequences than ecological collapse will bring.

The main consequences of destruction and chaos in the Information Environment are:

1. In the sphere of ecology:
1.1. The destruction of the ecosystem's self-regulating natural mechanisms (both in particular regions and on a global scale).
1.2. The estrangement of human civilisation from its habitat and an increase in the aggressive attitude of consumption towards the natural environment.

2. In the sphere of social psychology:
2.1. Manipulating human consciousness by means of mass media (encouraging brutal instincts, the degradation of language, spiritual values and moral motivations).
2.2. The emergence of new technologies to manipulate public consciousness (coding, zombie-making, psychotronic weapons). The amalgamation of ancient, magic techniques with up-to-date information technologies (mass TV-hypnosis sessions, coded audio and video cassettes, etc.).

3. In geopolitics:
3.1. The probable emergence of one or several totalitarian superpowers that will control the whole planet, and as a consequence will turn people into biorobots, causing the irreversible collapse of earth's civilisations (Orwell's scenario combined with new technologies of manipulating human consciousness).

It is of utmost importance to emphasise that informational aspects of ecology have drawn intent attention of people of spiritually developed civilizations from time unmemorial. If we apply modern science approach to various ancient magical and religious ceremonies, we will undoubtedly find out that their purpose was to exert influence of informational character upon planetary biosphere and collective unconscious of ethnic groups of the past. These attempts to create such influence include various sacrifices, shamanic rituals, etc. Our ancestors viewed such ceremonies as the most important condition for their survival and preservation of environment.

On top of everything, we know about existence of special devices designed in ancient times to purify and harmonise informational sphere of our planet. For instance, here we may speak of mantra wheels that have been used by Tibetans for many centuries. They consist of a hollow cylinder that rotates around its axis. The size of such cylinder may vary from few centimetres to several meters. Tibetans carry small mantra wheels with them, causing rotation by subtle movements of a hand. Wheels which are bigger in size are installed near temples and other religious constructions. Besides, they might be located in distant areas, faraway from human settlements. Their rotation is caused by wind or water power of nearby streams. Such mantra wheels are connected to a small turbine and will go non-stop 24 hours a day. It is necessary to mention that all mantra wheels rotate clockwise.

According to Tibetans rotating mantra wheels generate certain energy which harmonises and purifies the environment. That is the reason why they are so popular in Tibet. Of course the materialistic science regarded all stories about beneficial impact of mantra wheels as a stupid prejudice. Still, new discoveries of modern physics allow us to reconsider this presumption. Recent researches of so-called torsion fields (these fields are generated from rotation of large objects of a cylindrical and cone shape, etc.) showed that they definitely exert biological, as well as physical and chemical influence upon environment (5). Moreover, now we can make a statement that a completely new kind of physical fields has been discovered and these fields are closely related to a phenomenon of spin polarisation of physical vacuum (6).

So, it is quite clear that numerous mantra wheels in Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim and other countries are doing right now a very important job of harmonising and purifying invisible energy fields, a component part of the planetary biosphere. In other words, mantra wheels are special ecological devices that we can describe as "entropy pumps". They reduce chaos, disorganisation of our environment.

Still, these ancient devices contain a number of know-hows that are missing in modern spin and torsion fields generators. In the first place, these are mantras that are used as modulators of spin and torsion fields. The exact type of a mantra determines how generators affect environment. In other words, the effect depends on informational factor of radiation (that is modulated by a semantic structure of a mantra) and not its power.

Another example of ancient constructions of ecological value is megalithic constructions, in particular, stone circles. As a rule, a megalithic complex will include a complex system of vertically positioned stones arranged in circles, rows or as labyrinths (7). The exact location of stones will correspond with main points of the celestial map (Pole-star, constellations, etc.). For this reason megalithic constructions are often taken for ancient observatories.

Usually a megalithic complex will have a focus point, a certain place where different ceremonies took place. This focus point may be marked with an altar, temple or just a stone slab. So we can easily draw an analogy between "standing stones" of megalithic constructions and a well-known defraction grating, phased aerial (the device for one-pointed concentration and focusing of electromagnetic energy). There are also other theories of stone circles operation mechanisms which are even more interesting. These theories are related to modern models of physical vacuum and concept of torsion fields.

If we presume that a megalithic complex was created for focusing cosmic energies, it will become clear why positions of stones correspond to certain points of the celestial map. Besides, megalithic complexes should be in harmony with earthly energies, so arrangement of stones and location of megalithic complexes depend on landscape characteristics. According to the opinion of our colleagues from Scotland and Ireland, stone circles are usually located at the point of a sudden switch of direction of subsoil waters flow (i.e. siphon point).

The study of geometrical shapes of stone circles and their locations allows to draw up a theory describing possible mechanisms of their antichaotic and balancing influence upon environment. Talking about modern spin and torsion fields generators, rotating metal cylinders and cones went out of use long time ago. It was found out, that a vortex electromagnetic field is sufficient for producing the same effect (in general a vortex may be of any physical nature, hydrodynamic, acoustic, etc.) (5). If we approach Celtic stone circles this way, we will find out they are also torsion field generators in which invisible energy vortexes" rotation takes place.

As we already mentioned, the study conducted by scientists from Scotland showed that stone circles are usually located in the crossing of Hartman lines, with subsoil waters running under them (not to forget siphon effect). A specific shape of a stone circle causes rotation of a subsoil stream (the same way as stones in a river produce vortexes around them). It is quite clear that such an invisible vortex will be much bigger than a regular mantra wheel, so the radius of its activities will be also larger in scale.

Our research has also confirmed the existence of unusual energy effects around megalithic constructions. During our research we worked with megalithic constructions in the Northern and Southern Caucasus, megalithic complexes in Corsica (1994, 1995) and Scotland (1995, 1996). In the course of this research we used electronic meters developed specially for this purpose. They detected all changes in entropy characteristics of physical fields. We found out that in the area of stone circles, in particular at the focus points, the entropy level would invariably go down. This is obviously a sign of high harmonising and antichaotic potential of megalithic structures. Possibly this is the reason why stone circles remained intact for so long. Being three to seven thousand years old, stone circles, in spite of their location on farmers" lands, are still there. Obviously, farmers" intuition tells them not to destroy these structures that benefit their crops and kettle.

Due to development of our modern science it is not necessary to make exact copies of these ancient devices and constructions which purify and harmonise the biosphere of our planet. It is more expedient to create new technologies on the basis of this ancient knowledge.

For instance, we have created a special method of harmonising human psyche and environment (home, office, etc.), which integrates traditional and modern science approaches. This method uses ancient archetypal symbols, as well as Indian and Tibetan mandalas, in combination with computer fractal designs.

Ancient esoteric doctrines, the Tantric tradition in particular, have mentioned universal geometric and rhythmic invariants as specific codes for the processes and objects of universal archetypal patterns (8, 9).
Contemporary physical research of non-equilibrium, developing systems have proved that invariant structures can emerge in objects of physical nature, from hydrodynamic turbulence to high temperature plasma. Living systems, from cells to the human psyche, show an even greater number of archetypal invariants. A powerful mathematical apparatus has recently been created to describe the archetypal pattern: topology — the Fractal Sets theory.

Humanity has always known that the majority of illnesses and emotional problems roots in psychotraumas of the past, or negative karmic experience, as it is called in India, Tibet and China. According to modern study, intense emotional experience may provoke a formation of psychoenergetic clots, vortexes, that would feed on energy of a person for years, influencing his/her behaviour (10). By getting rid of them and removing causes for their future formation we may prevent many grave mental and psychosomatic illnesses. This is a real challenge for our science, as well as a very important measure for creating healthy and happy society.

For this purpose we have developed the above-mentioned method that combines archetypal images with fractals.

Fractals are mathemetical objects that are characterised by highly harmonious structure born from chaos (11). When we look at a fractal, the chaos of our thoughts and desires decreases and we are reaching a state of peace and harmony. We may say that a type of a fractal design will determine the exact psychoemotional state of a person who looks at it. In order to help a person with specific mental and emotional problems we have to choose appropriate fractals.

A composition of an archetypal image and a fractal (that functioned as a carrier for the image providing high level of concentration and reducing distractions) is even more effective (12).

Such fractal compositions or mandalas may be used as decorations for flats or offices, amulets, or as video recordings and computer programmes. As for video and computer fractal images, the effect would be much stronger since they are in constant motion with music in the background.

This method proved to be highly effective. It was used in many countries of Western Europe as well as the USA with good results.

Finally we shall determine main directions of work that could benefit ecology of informational environment:

1. Research projects:
1.1. Study of informational processes of self-organisation of biosphere;
1.2. Study of physical processes through which planetary consciousness (noosphere) manifests itself;
1.3. Study of localisation and interaction of power places (places that are characterised by abrupt shift of levels of chaos (entropy) of the planet, their role in maintain harmony and order in biosphere, protection from chaos;
1.4. Study of possible ways of interaction between computer/computer networks and noosphere of the planet, positive and negative aspects of such interaction;
1.5. Study of ancient experience of communication and simbiotic interaction with informational levels of planetary biosphere, ancient devices, constructions and psychotechnologies. Creating their modern analogies.

2. Applied programmes:
2.1. Reviewing experience of ancient civilisations from positions of modern science, creating modern analogies of ancient devices and methods on the basis of the newest technologies;
2.2. Working out new methods of interaction with informational layers of biota and biosphere in general;
2.3. Designing equipment that allows to control levels of chaos in planetary biosphere, counteracting its escalation, creating balance at certain areas and in noosphere as a whole;

3. Legalisation and promotion of ideas of informational environment ecology:
3.1. Including informational environment issues into international ecological projects;
3.2. Conducting conferences and seminars;
3.3. Creating video-programmes, documentaries, multi-media (computer games, learning programmes, etc.) that promote ideas of ecology of informational environment and planetary consciousness.


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